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Empower your business with our end-to-end contract management. From customizable role definitions to streamlined contract preparation, automated workflows, and digital record-keeping, we offer efficiency and transparency. Monitor performance with our customizable dashboards. Elevate your contract processes with our innovative services.

Contract Management

One platform to create, track, analyze, and manage the full contract lifecycle from preparation and approvals to signing to post-execution storage and reporting.

Role Definition and
Authorization Control

Customize roles and permissions for secure, efficient workflow management. 

Customizable Dashboards
for Performance Monitoring

Unlock insights with analytics dashboards spun from rich agreement data captured over the full lifecycle.

Review and
Revision Tracking

Track changes and revisions for full transparency in contract reviews.


Streamline approvals with an automated, efficient routing system.

Automated and Manual
Sending for Signing

Choose automated or manual sending options for flexible signing.

Notification and
Reminder System

Prompt task completion with notifications and ensure completion with persistent reminders.

Comprehensive Digital
Record Keeping

Centralize executed contracts into a searchable repository with complete audit trails, version histories, and annotations.

Contract Preparation
with Templates

Quickly draft compliant contracts leveraging templates with ready-to-use clauses. 


Tailor every aspect of ProcRun to meet unique business specifications seamlessly. Adapt user roles and workflow configurations effortlessly for diverse needs.

Robust integration features ensure seamless collaboration with various platforms. Built-in API support facilitates smooth data flow between ProcRun and compatible software. For platforms without ready APIs, custom coding options guarantee a tailored integration experience.

Success Stories

Stories From Our Global Clients

Gulf Insurance Group’s

ProcRun's unified platform resolved Gulf Insurance Group’s agent coordination issues, improving communication, access, reporting. Greater operational efficiency increased customer satisfaction and financial gains.

Sonigo implemented

Sonigo implemented ProcRun to resolve multi-channel communication inefficiencies; unified quotation/contract system increased productivity, customer satisfaction, financial returns.

QNB Finansinvest

QNB Finansinvest implemented ProcRun to unify systems and digitize contracting - easing tracking, approvals, e-signatures while increasing efficiency and operational capacity to better meet digitalization demands.

Procrun Contract Management Software


Pulse 360 offers a comprehensive end-to-end contract management solution. Define roles, authorize actions, and initiate contract preparation with ready templates. Enable seamless review, revision, and approval processes, notifying stakeholders via email and SMS.


Our customizable software, integrating easily with various platforms, sets us apart. With a dedicated global team, we ensure efficient, hassle-free operations in 20 countries. Post-completion, all data is securely stored, facilitating insightful analysis through a user-friendly dashboard, distinguishing us from competitors.

Transform your contract management with Pulse 360. Our customizable, globally accessible solution, seamlessly integrating with various platforms, ensures efficiency. Trust our dedicated team to redefine success in 15 countries. Pulse 360: Elevate your operations, empower your success.



Comprehensive End-to-End Solution

Streamline contracts end-to-end with ProcRun: Efficient, accountable, seamless.

Unparalleled Customizability

Tailor our software effortlessly to meet specific business needs, fostering adaptability.

Seamless Integration

Stand out with easy interoperability, connecting with diverse software solutions and offering coding options for nonAPI platforms.

Global Availability

Operate in 15 countries, providing transformative solutions and ensuring international accessibility.

Dedicated Support:

Our success is anchored in a committed support team, offering personalized assistance for a smooth and efficient experience.


  • Pulse 360 operates globally, reaching businesses in 20 countries.

  • Presence in the UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Israel, Turkey, Portugal, Romania, Greece, Kazakhstan, Germany, South Africa, Nigeria, Libya, and Cambodia.

  • Our software ensures an international reach, providing transformative solutions for diverse business landscapes.


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